Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh, so NOW God of War is offensively sexist.

God of War: Ascension is now the sixth core game in the franchise, if you're prepared to count the excellent PSP titles (and I don't see why one wouldn't), and some rather large names in gaming journalism - Adam Sessler and Ben Kuchera - have taken issue with a scene towards the end of the game, and the trophy that pops thereafter.

It's frickin' hilarious that the first game in the entire series that doesn't have a sex minigame is the first one folks flip out about in terms of sexism.

Naked jubblies and mash-x-for-sex-orbs in every other game in the series?  No problem.

Ripping dudes heads off?  That's cool.  Smooshing the crying, screaming, half-naked princess of Poseidon into a giant gear so you can get through a door in God of War III (trophy pops: "I didn't do it...  But I wish I did!")?  That's not worth so much as a raised eyebrow.

But use the word 'ho' in a trophy reference to a character who disguised herself as a prostitute?

Well now you've gone too far.

Dudes.  Ben.  Adam.  I'm all for being mindful of how both sexes are portrayed in video games, but this is like nailing a boxer with a penalty in the sixth round for excessive holding when you spent the last five rounds watching him punch his opponent directly in the groin, over and over, while nodding with approval.

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  1. seriously, i been grumbling about this for a while now.

    it took me six months to pick gow3 up after that trophy, but they did it twice so...we've skipped past coincidence to enemy action? please.