Monday, December 17, 2012

Two complaints about Far Cry 3.

In the below review, you'll find I'm entirely pleased with Far Cry 3.  There are, I should note, two complaints I would make :

(1) Aside from the first time I booted the game - and by that I mean on every subsequent attempt to start it up - the game would freeze at one of the initial loading screens.  I would have to exit to the XMB, re-load the game and try again once, twice or thrice.  Near the end of last week a patch appeared that fixed this.

(2) The game's interface for switching weapons isn't ideal.  Tapping triangle will swap back and to the last weapon used - which works fine when you plan for a firefight, and works terribly when things go sideways, you tap triangle to swap out your bow and find yourself holding a repair tool or lump of C4.

If you want to manually switch weapons in the heat of battle, you have to hold down a shoulder button which brings up a radial menu.  Bringing up the menu does not freeze time, and if you bring it up, tap right to select your light machine gun and release the shoulder button as quickly as you can, the game will assume you didn't actually want to bring up the menu and not change your weapon. 

You have to do it a bit more slowly than is comfortable, and in the mean time you're getting your ass shot off.  

* * *

But, honestly, as soon as I start talking about the game's weapons I want to start telling you about how slick and triple-A the weapons look, how sharp the reload animations are, how... 

Did you know I got through that entire fucking review without telling you that you can nock an arrow, pull the string and watch your aiming reticle tighten up to indicate the tensioned bow's new range and accuracy?  

And then you can tap square to gently release the tension on the string and not take that shot?  

Ohhh it's sweet... 

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