Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Hitman Saints controversy is ridiculous.

So, remember the Attack of the Saints trailer for Hitman: Absolution?  Where 47 takes out a bunch of battle nuns in fetish gear?

Did that trailer offend you?  It didn't offend me - not one iota - but it caused quite a stir with a very great deal of folks in the gaming media.

The Guardian,
Mirror - and likely many, many more - threw such a fit that Hitman developer io Interactive released a public apology regarding it.  Penny Arcade, happily, took a defensive tack and suggested - rather sagely - that as soon as you take a piece of media regarding pleather-wrapped holy assassins seriously, you've made an error.

Here's my position.

Kotaku, IGN, Guardian, Mirror - and the likely many, many more - your difficulty digesting the above trailer is sexist as fuck.  Nobody complains in a movie when a priest strips down to his bare ass and whips himself raw in penance.  Nobody bitches about the countless video game trailers we've seen when The Hero beats the holy shit out of monsters, other dudes, space aliens or dudes in space marine attire in a gloriously gory fashion.

We've seen much, much worse violence in many, many trailers.

Y'know what makes this trailer different?  Women.

That's it.  You didn't complain when, last year, we got trailers of 47 killing the hell out of a bunch of men.  But now that he's exercising his righteous skills on the fairer sex, you're calling foul?

You can't have it both ways.  Either it's cool to see beautifully-produced, well-choreographed violence, or it's not.  It doesn't automatically become uncool when you change a gender.

If that's seriously your problem - that the gender of 47's victims suddenly makes the Attack of the Saints  trailer a hate crime...

I hate to break it to you, but that is sexist.  The trailer isn't sexist.  You are for having no difficulty when violence is shown against men, but raging against it when it's shown against women.


  1. Couldn't agree more.

    There was some murmur about the E3's Tomb Raider trailer as well, because of that moment where Lara came extremely close to being raped.

    I was honestly surprised when I looked at forums and saw people singling it out.

  2. We love to think of ourselves as a progressive, enlightened culture that has moved past the sexual mores of the past, and the "outdated" gender roles that were a hallmark of our parent's and grandparent's generations.

    And when someone chooses to show us something that assumes that we really ARE progressive and really HAVE moved past those old beliefs, this is how we respond. We show that we are just as stuck in the old ways as we always have been. Women are weak, and should be protected by men. Anything else is a hate crime.

  3. I'm more offended by the fact that everyone is saying that I should be offended then I am by the trailer. This trailer is pretty kick ass, and I love the fact that the women are sexy as hell and can rock the rocket launcher in what I can only assume are sky-high stilettos.
    I personally think it's pretty awesome that they've brought in female villians that don't have a bunch of male henchmen running around doing the fighting for them. They hold their own, and yeah, sure they get there asses handed to them by 47, but seeing as how he's the 'hero' of the game, obviously he's not going to get beat down by some group that tries to take him out.

    It's a video game for christ sake...stop trying to tell us it's offensive and let us form our own opinion of it. If we don't like it we won't play it or watch it, simple as that. I for one want to try this game when it comes out.

  4. @ Solo : about the Lara Croft thing... I actually loved that moment. The instant the fellow thinks of Lara as a sexual object, she fucks him right up. It's perfect.

    @ Nathanael : Yup. Folks can't seem to understand the difference between equality and sexism.

    @ Kayla : Olive juice.

  5. Olive juice you too.

    I posted the trailer on Facebook and asked any ladies in my friends list to view it and let me know what they think of it. So far they think it's an awesome trailer and want to see more of it and some actually want to play it.

  6. Good lord - show them the Last of Us gameplay!

  7. Crap, there was an extra "you" in there. I'll post it some time today!